Podcast: The Roman Stoics with John Sellars and Peter Adamson

John Sellars and Peter Adamson discuss the Roman Stoics in the History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

Our best evidence for Stoic practices comes from the later, or so-called ‘Roman Stoics’, such as Epictetus, Seneca and Marcus Aurelius. It is these three authors who provide our most substantial evidence for Stoicism. But who were these Stoics, and what did they write? And how were these authors different from earlier Stoics? And what is it that differentiates ‘philosophy as a way of life’ from ‘philosophy’? 

To find out more, click here for a podcast with John Sellars, lecturer of philosophy at Birkbeck College London, in a discussion with Peter Adamson, Professor of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy at UCL London, who organises the wonderful History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps podcast series.


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