Post Stoic Week 2015 Questionnaires

Post Stoic Week 2015 Questionnaires

For all those who participate in Stoic Week 2015, here is a link to the post Stoic Week Questionnaires, as constructed by Tim LeBon:

Stoic Week 2015: Post-Week Questionnaires

You will have reached the end of the questionnaire when you see a screen totalling your scores. Also, please use the same email address or pseudonym that you used when you took the pre Stoic Week Questionnaires.
Please take the time to fill this out, even if you haven’t been able to devote lots of time to Stoic Week. The results are extremely helpful for us, and we would really appreciate every filled out form.
The Stoicism Today Team

2 thoughts on Post Stoic Week 2015 Questionnaires

  1. Alice says:

    I think there may be a problem with your automated scoring on the flourishing section. It calculated a score of 8 on my post week questionnaire but based on my answers I should have been around 50. I took the questionnaire on an iPad 2.

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