Right After Stoicon in Toronto: A STOICON-x Event!

Stoicon-x events are smaller conferences organized around the world to complement the main Stoicon 2017 conference in Toronto and Stoic Week 2017. The goal of Stoicon-x is for local Stoic groups to put on their own mini-conferences in their own areas. You can read our tips and guidelines for putting on your own Stoicon-x events.

Stoicon-x Toronto will be held on October 15th, the day after the main Stoicon 2017. Tickets for this event are available here.

You don’t need to be attending the main Stoicon 2017 conference to come to Stoicon-x. It’s a completely separate event, organized by some of the same people. In addition to a few fixed keynote talks, there will be slots for lightning talks of 5-10 minutes. Any attendee (that means you!) can sign up to present a lightning talk on a topic related to Stoicism of their choosing, time permitting. Networking will follow. So if you have something to say about Stoicism or just can’t get enough of Stoicism come along to Stoicon-x Toronto!

Location for Stoicon-x Toronto 2017

This Stoicon-x event will be held at Room # TRS1-109 (7th floor), Ted Rogers School of Management, 55 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario.

Full Schedule for the Event

9.30am – 10am Registration and coffee

10am Introduction: The Popularity and Relevance of Stoicism Today
Donald Robertson, author of Teach Yourself Stoicism

10.15 am Keynote 1: Achieving Personal Freedom Through Stoic Principles
Dr. Chuck Chakrapani, author of Unshakable Freedom: Ancient Stoic Secrets Applied to Modern Life

10.45am Morning break (15 min.)

11am Lightning Presentations on Modern Stoicism

12pm Afternoon break (15 min.)

12.15pm Keynote 2: ‘People Learn while they Teach’: The Whys and Hows of Building a Local Stoic Community Greg Lopez, Founder of NYC Stoics and Director of Membership for The Stoic Fellowship

12.45pm Closing: Donald Robertson (15 min.)

1pm – 1.30pm Networking

NB: Please note that the details of this event may be subject to change.

Author: Gregory Sadler

Editor of Stoicism Today, president of ReasonIO, adjunct professor at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design | Sadler's Lectures podcast - https://soundcloud.com/gregorybsadler | YouTube channel with 1700+ philosophy videos - https://www.youtube.com/c/GregoryBSadler

6 thoughts on “Right After Stoicon in Toronto: A STOICON-x Event!”

    1. At this point, I don’t know of any Stoicon-x event being planned near/in Philadelphia.

      If you – or anyone else – is considering planning one in that area, Travis Hume and Justin Vacula would be two people nearby who might make good speakers

      1. Thanks — but I haven’t the resources to host such an event myself — nor do I know who else will.

        Still — maybe I could get in contact with the guys you mention and seeing if they might be interested in helping get the Philadelphia Stoa up and running.

        The Philadelphia Stoa, like Stoicon-X, is based on the idea of having more locally-natured face-to-face Stoic events. But unlike Stoicon-X that would be a small conference — each lecture and/or workshop of the Philadelphia Stoa would be an event of it’s own.

        Such an event would take much less resources to organize than something even the size of Stoicon-X.

      2. Also — before I ask for Justin Vacula’s participation in anything — I will need to hear his side of the story with regards to this: https://www.change.org/p/secular-coalition-for-america-remove-justin-vacula-from-a-leadership-position-in-the-pa-chapter-of-sca

        Specifically, I would need to be convinced that the petition here linked is without basis.

        I do not know whether the accusations are true or not — but to invite him to be involved with something such as the Philadelphia Stoa, I would have to specifically know that the accusations are _not_ true.

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