Save the Date: Stoicon 2019 in Athens

Stoicism is coming home! We’re delighted to announce that Stoicon 2019 will be taking place in Athens on Saturday 5th October. The main event will be followed by the Stoicon-x Athens mini-conference on Sunday 6th October, for those of you who want an extra day of philosophy.

The venue will be the beautiful and modern Cotsen Hall of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. The event organizers are Donald Robertson and Alkistis Agio.

Stoicon is the annual, international conference on modern Stoicism, organized by Modern Stoicism Ltd. This will be its seventh consecutive year. It’s normally attended by 300-400 people from around the world, with a shared interest in applying Stoicism to modern living. Previous speakers include Ryan Holiday, Julia Annas, William Irvine, Margaret Graver, and A. A. Long.

Tickets will go on sale and further details, including the line-up of speakers, will be announced shortly. Please follow @stoicweek on Twitter for updates or register on our eLearning site to receive email notifications. You can also follow our Facebook event page for Stoicon 2019 in Athens.

11 thoughts on Save the Date: Stoicon 2019 in Athens

  1. Roberto says:

    I would love to go, fate and Brexit permitting of course

  2. Christopher Kasper says:

    Canada needs to send someone! I’l take time off fighting bears and volunteer…

  3. Alkistis says:

    Warm Greetings from Greece! Imagine walking in the footsteps of Socrates, Aristotle & Zeno. Imagine the Light of Greece and the AcropolisView. You will be transformed! Hope to see you soon.

  4. V. Haddad says:

    ‪Thank you for the countless hours you loyally devote into organizing this each year.
    It is a problem for those in education to attend during the school year. Admin probably would be supportive, but it would entail the expense of getting a sub when our budget is tightening considerably.‬
    Salutations from the California desert :]

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  6. Ted Petrocci says:

    Time and circumstances conspired against me in the past. Not up to me. This year however those fates are no longer present. Perhaps now, up to me.

  7. Peter Hart says:

    Athens is a long way from Cambridge!

  8. […] hace unos años, incluso existe una celebración anual que reúne practicantes de todo el mundo: la Stoicon. Además, el Estoicismo es el precursor de terapias psicológicas tan influyentes como la TREC […]

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