Stoic Summit 2023: An Invitation – by Brittany Polat

When it comes to living a good life, there’s only one thing more helpful than practicing Stoicism: practicing Stoicism alongside other Stoics.

At Modern Stoicism, we know the value of having role models and fellow travelers on the journey toward wisdom and happiness. There’s just no replacement for the experience of learning in person from knowledgeable teachers, or having impromptu conversations with other people who share your goals and values. Over the past few years—although we’ve hosted some excellent online gatherings—we’ve also missed our in-person experiences and the irreplaceable connections they create.

That’s why we’re introducing a new in-person event this spring: Modern Stoicism presents the Stoic Summit – North America in Tampa, Florida, on April 1, 2023. This is your chance to interact with some of the leading Stoic thinkers and practitioners of the 21st century, including our distinguished speakers:

  • William B. Irvine, philosophy professor and author of A Guide to the Good Life
  • Ward Farnsworth, law professor and author of The Practicing Stoic
  • Karen Duffy, film producer, former MTV VJ, and author of Wise Up
  • Greg Lopez, founder of NYC Stoics, co-founder of The Stoic Fellowship, and co-author of A Handbook for New Stoics
  • Jennifer Baker, philosophy professor and specialist in Stoicism and virtue ethics
  • Melinda Latour, music professor and specialist in Stoic music
  • Leonidas Konstantakos, philosophy lecturer and co-author of Being Better: Stoicism for a World Worth Living In

The Stoic Summit is also a great opportunity to meet other Stoics from all walks of life. Have a coffee and trade stories with people who, like you, are working toward personal excellence and flourishing. You’ll get to know your fellow attendees through structured group discussions and a catered lunch (included with your conference ticket), or enjoy dinner together at the conference hotel’s signature restaurant, The Spaniard.

And speaking of the conference hotel, we think you’ll love the beautiful Hotel Alba in downtown Tampa. This boutique hotel, designed to feel like an oasis, is the ideal space to clear your mind and focus on philosophy. With its tropical greenery, artwork from local Tampa artists, and beautiful pool deck, you’ll certainly feel like you’re on vacation! Here are a few more features of Hotel Alba you might enjoy:

  • Easy access from Tampa International Airport (shuttle provided by hotel)
  • Comfortable rooms with a relaxing feel (poolside suites also available)
  • Special room rates for Stoic Summit attendees (use the Modern Stoicism link and book before February 23)
  • Hotel Alba belongs to the Hilton Honors network
  • Centrally located in downtown Tampa near shops, restaurants, and other hotels
  • Only 20 minutes away from the world-famous beaches of Clearwater

While you’re in Tampa, you might like to take advantage of some other local attractions. Everyone knows about the beautiful beaches in nearby Clearwater, but Tampa also has top-notch museums (like the new Dali Museum), excellent dining options, and an interesting cultural heritage (pirates and Cuban cigars!). You might even decide to visit the theme parks in Orlando (like Disney World and Universal Studios), just an hour’s drive away.

Whatever else you choose to do in Tampa, one thing is certain: you will come away from the Stoic Summit with more knowledge, resources, and inspiration to continue your Stoic practice. Our speakers will be sharing not just Stoic theory, but also practical guidance based on their personal experience. Topics you’ll learn about include:

  • Dealing with 21st century challenges as a Stoic
  • Stoicism and life experience
  • Stoic optimism
  • Taking your Stoic practice to the next level
  • How to stay Stoic online
  • Finding Stoic inspiration in music
  • Deepening your connection with other people

In other words, you’ll hear practical advice from experts on a wide range of relevant topics. You’ll get to ask questions and have discussions that you wouldn’t have anywhere else. And you’ll get to do it all while enjoying the warm Florida sunshine (average high on April 1 is 80°F/27°C). Not a bad way to spend the weekend!


Brittany Polat is a writer and researcher on Stoicism as a way of life. Her latest book is Journal Like a Stoic: A 90-Day Program to Live with Greater Acceptance, Less Judgment, and Deeper Intentionality. She is co-founder of the nonprofit Stoicare, which seeks to share Stoicism as a philosophy of care, and a steering committee member of Modern Stoicism. Connect with Brittany through Stoicare or Twitter.

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