Stoic Week 2013: Spread the Word!

N.B. To read more about Stoic Week 2013, click here for an overview, and here for the press release.

We will be working hard to publicise Stoic Week and the London Event through many different channels and networks, including wellbeing groups, philosophy clubs and schools.

But in order for Stoic Week 2013 to reach as many people as possible, we need you to help spread the word!

Let all your friends know, share the electronic flyers via Twitter and Facebook. If you know of any groups or organisations which would be interested, write to them with the flyers and press release, and ask them to get involved. Ask your friends to do the same for any groups they know too. Print out the leaflet and pin it up in your local library, local coffee shops, and university/college – wherever you can think of! Be as creative as you can in spreading the word!

Also, if you are on Facebook, please join our Facebook ‘Stoicism’ discussion group, and also join the ‘Stoic Week’ event page, and share it with your friends.

This will probably be the last Stoic Week before the team looks to offering more long-term resources, so let’s make Stoic Week 2013 go viral together! 

Feel free to make use of these resources in advertising Stoic Week 2013 and (if you are in the UK), the London Event. You can share any of these on Twitter by sharing the link to the image file.

1. Flyer for Social Media & for print leaflets/posters 

2. Stoic Week & London Event: Press Release

Text Version
3. Stoic Week Flyer (Electronic & Print)

4. Poster for London Event

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