Stoic Week 2016 Handbook

Stoic Week HandbookStoic Week this year begins on 17th October.  You can enrol now.  However, the web version of the Stoic Week 2016 Handbook will be available one week early, on the 10th October.  So you have the option of reading it in advance to prepare.
When Stoic Week officially begins, enrolled participants will also be given access to the following offline versions of the handbook:

  • AZW3 and MOBI for Kindle
  • EPUB for other e-readers
  • PDF for printing

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What is Stoicism?
  • Stoic Week: Your Daily Routine
  • The Stoic Self-Monitoring Record
  • Monday: Life
  • Tuesday: Control
  • Wednesday: Mindfulness
  • Thursday: Virtue
  • Friday: Relationships
  • Saturday: Resilience
  • Sunday: Nature
  • After Stoic Week
  • Appendix: Further Reading

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