Stoic Week and Stoic Week for Students 2021

Stoic Week is an annual event organized by the Modern Stoicism organization, held around the time of Stoicon, which offers the people who enroll the opportunity to move a bit beyond the theoretical approach, and to internalize some of the key Stoic ideas and to bring them into their own lives. It is a great way to not only read the Stoics, but also to create a daily routine based around their ideas. This year’s Stoic Week runs from October 18th to October 24th.

It is also a research project, and information gathered from the 25 000 people who have participated in Stoic Week so far, gives us the possibility to say something about the effect of Stoicism on the wellbeing of those who have participated. The results have been consistently positivepeople do indeed benefit from the teachings of the Stoics.

This year’s topic is well-being, and we have selected 7 topics that we believe will enhance the well-being of the participants. You can enroll here, and see more information at the Modern Stoicism site, as well as in the press release. 

This year, we have also created a separate course for students, which is meant for people in between 13 and 15, but parents and teachers can adopt the material to fit those who are older or slightly younger.  The course includes selected readings, audio files and a teacher’s handbook with extra resources. The student course takes place at the same time as the main course, but the material will be available slightly earlier.

You can enroll in the student course by following this link.

Both courses are completely free.

Here are some news articles about Stoic Week, which you may find interesting or informative:

Tim LeBon and Eve Riches have also produced some short videos about the main Stoic Week and Stoic Week for Students



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