Stoic Week on ABC radio's The Philosopher's Zone with Joe Gelonesi


Listen to a half-hour discussion with John Sellars, from the Stoicism Today project, and Kerry Sanders, from the University of Sydney, about Stoicism and its role in the modern world.

The discussion took placed on Australia’s ABC programme, The Philosopher’s Zone, with Joe Gelonesi.

2 thoughts on “Stoic Week on ABC radio's The Philosopher's Zone with Joe Gelonesi”

  1. As an elderly, non academic recent convert to Modern Stoicism – this Audio was really helpful. It explained the principles in laymans terms and helped me have a clearer perception. I look forward to meeting John in London his no nonsense talks are brilliant. I often play his. Audio of the Overview. We are so blest to have the free gift of all the experts in the Modern Stoicism Team – thank you all so much.

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