Stoic Week: Plan B


If you are experiencing problems with downtime on the modern website, due to high volume of traffic, or if you would like to take part in Stoic Week without registering, you can still take part by following the steps below – all of the resources you need are available freely on the web.

1. Before you Begin

It’s really important that we collect data from participants in Stoic Week.  Please help by filling out these online forms before you read the Handbook.  It will only take a few minutes.  Previous participants have told us they find it very interesting and useful to fill out the questionnaires and monitor their own progress.

Click on each link below in turn to open the form in a new browser window.  Please remember to use exactly the same name and email address for all questionnaires and to click “submit” when you’ve entered your responses.  You should receive an email confirming your responses for each form, within the next week.  This will also include some interesting notes on your scores and comparisons with previous student averages for the SABS.

  1. Stoic Attitudes and Behaviours Scale (SABS)
    This scale was developed by our research team and has gone through various revisions.  The items have been checked with academics for their relevance to Stoicism and revised based on feedback from hundreds of previous participants.
  2. The Flourishing Scale (FS)
    This brief scale provides a measure of general psychological wellbeing, such as your sense of having a meaningful life.
  3. Scale of Positive and Negative Experiences (SPANE)
    This brief scale measure a range of different emotions, like joy, contentment, anger, sadness, etc.
  4. Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS)
    This is another brief scale, designed to measure your overall level of contentment with life.

Thanks very much for taking the time to do this!

2. The Handbook and Resources

Here it is: The one and only Stoic Week 2014 Handbook, in its PDF format.  You can upload PDF files to Kindle and most EPUB readers, incidentally, and they’re easy to share and read on mobile devices, although on a phone, you may find it more readable in landscape mode.  There’s also the Stoic Self-Monitoring Record Sheet, which is optional.

Stoic Week 2014 Handbook (PDF)

Stoic Self-Monitoring Record Sheet (PDF)

The MP3 audio files are also available from this page on the Stoicism Today website.  Some people have told us they find it tricky to play MP3 files on iPhones or other Apple devices.  As we understand it, though, if you just import these files to your iTunes library you should be able to play them on iPhones, etc.

2 thoughts on Stoic Week: Plan B

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  2. Angela Gilmour says:

    Thanks Patrick – could not access the site – completed the forms and accessed the handbook and caught up from yesterday. Negative comment for me the format is the same as last year but good to recap and learn more deeply. Have practiced the format throughout the year so not much that is new! Had a bad month – very negative so feedback forms interesting as I was truthful. Looking forward to Saturday.

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