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News: We have now created a Facebook group for admins of other Facebook groups, to help you get started and grow your community.

Over the past few years, more Facebook discussion groups have sprung up for Stoicism. The largest group, which I run, currently has about 55k members, and is just called Stoicism (Stoic Philosophy). There are also groups for Stoic Parents, Stoicism and the military, and even Stoic Dating.

However, in this post, I’d like to provide a list of those groups associated with particular geographical regions: countries or cities. The image on this page shows the countries from which most visitors to the Modern Stoicism website come, in rank order, with the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia consistently at the top, followed by Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands, in that order.

I recommend that anyone who wants to encourage a Stoicism community in their home town or city should consider using Facebook in this way. (If you’re not a fan of Facebook there are, of course, other options but the fact is that currently it seems to be the option that actually works best.) See my recent article about How to Bring Stoicism to Your City. Also consider making the Modern Stoicism page an admin of your regional group, as this allows us to promote your group through Facebook more easily by listing it on our page.

The format I recommend for a group name is “Stoicism [country/city]”. If it’s in a language other than English, I’d repeat the same name in English after it in parentheses like “Stoïcisme Nederland en België (Stoicism Netherlands and Belgium)”. (Word of advice to admins: Some of the groups below are currently not easy to find by searching!)

List of Regional Facebook Groups

Please comment below with any other suggestions for groups that could be added to this list…

Britain and Ireland

Rest of Europe

North America

South America





(To be continued…)

14 thoughts on “Stoicism Groups in Your Country”

  1. Thanks. We have been asking ourselves if it isn’t time to move to another social media platform run on better – more principled – lines. Any suggestions welcome, walk the walk.

  2. Hello,
    for anyone from 3city from Poland, we have an active group of Stoics in Sopot: “Klub Praktyki Stoickiej Trójmiasto”. We meet in the main public library of Sopot – Sopoteka – regularly every two weeks, Saturday 6 PM in the academic season (not during summer). Link to our facebook group: ,you can also find us on the facebook of Sopoteka itself.

  3. Hello thank you very much for the list. It’s gonna be useful.

    I will take inspiration to update my web review of Stoic ressources ( ). You can check the Stoicism Felowship website (that you probably already know) for more local groups.

    There are also :
    Moscow Stoa :
    Stoïcisme Strasbourg et Eurométropole (very recent) :

    Concerning Stoicism in Africa, I only know this Facebook page about Stoicism in Pretoria : I didn’t find any Facebook group related but the community may exist somewhere

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