Stoicism Today Book: Table of Contents

Stoicism Today: Selected Writings


Table of Contents

Stoicism Today Cover

  • About Stoicism Today
  • Contributors Foreword – Stephen J. Costello
  • Introduction – Patrick Ussher

Part One: Stoic Theory

  • ‘Core Ideas of Stoic Ethics in Marcus Aurelius’ – Chris Gill
  • ‘The Stoics on the Community of Humankind’ – Patrick Ussher
  • ‘Stoics are not Unemotional!’ – Donald Robertson
  • ‘On the Motivations of a Stoic’ – Michel Daw

Part Two: Adapting Stoicism for the Modern Day

  • ‘Which Stoicism?’ – John Sellars
  • ‘A Simplified Modern Approach to Stoicism’ – Donald Robertson
  • ‘What can the Stoics do for us?’ – Antonia Macaro

Part Three: Stoic Advice

  • ‘On Death Acceptance’ – Corey Anton
  • ‘Gratitude and Wonder’ – Mark Garvey
  • ‘Happiness for Sale – What Would Seneca Say?’ – Laura Inman
  • ‘An Ancient Technique for Modern Consumers’ – Tim Rayner
  • ‘Control Your Emotions’ – Ryan Holiday

Part Four: Life Stories

  • ‘My Experiences of Stoicism’ – Helen Rudd
  • ‘Being a Stoic Lawyer’ – Paul Bryson
  • ‘The Stoic Mayor’ – Jules Evans
  • ‘The Greatest of All Struggles’ – Kevin Kennedy
  • ‘The Stoic Doctor’ – Roberto Sans-Boza
  • ‘Musings of a Stoic Woman’ – Pamela Daw
  • ‘Of Skunks, Sauerkrauts and Stoicism’ – Eric Knutzen & Kelly Coyne

Part Five: Stoicism for Parents & Teachers

  • ‘Stoicism for Coping with Toddlers’ – Chris Lowe
  • ‘Fatherhood & Stoic Acceptance’ – Jan Fredrik-Braseth
  • ‘Praise the Process’ – Matt Van Natta
  • ‘Stoic Teaching & Stoic Control’ – Michel Burton
  • ‘Getting Practical Philosophy into the Classroom’ – Jules Evans

Part Six: Stoicism & Psychotherapy

  • ‘Does Stoicism Work: Stoicism & Positive Psychology’ – Tim LeBon
  • ‘A Sketch of the Stoic Influences on Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy’ – Stephen Costello
  • ‘My return to Mental Health with CBT and Stoicism’ – James Davinport

Part Seven: Stoicism & Buddhism

  • ‘Mindful Virtue: Eastern Meditation for Stoic Ethics’ – Ben Butina
  • ‘Mindfulness and Mindlessness: Epictetus & Buddhism’ – Aditya Nain
  • ‘Was there a Stoic mindfulness?’ – Patrick Ussher

Part Eight: Stoic Literature and Stoicism in Modern Culture

  • ‘The Epictetus Club: Stoicism in Prisons’ – Jeff Traynor
  • ‘The Phoenix Cycle: Stoic Sci-Fi’ – Bob Collopy
  • ‘Socrates Among the Saracens’ – Jules Evans
  • ‘A Conversation with John Lloyd’ – Jules Evans
  • ‘Stoicism & Star Trek: Think like Spock, Act Like Kirk’ – Jen Farren
  • The book is available as both paperback (£6.49/$9.99) and Kindle E-Book (£3.08/$4.99).

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