Stoicism Today Selected Essays Volume 4 In Kindle Format!

We are happy to announce that Stoicism Today Selected Essays volume 4 is now available in Kindle format!  We brought out the paperback version several weeks back, and now you can get it in either format.

In case you haven’t heard of this series, each of the volumes brings together some of the best, most interesting, informative, and thought-provoking essays that have been published here in the Stoicism Today blog.  Patrick Ussher brought out two volumes back in his tenure as editor of the blog, and in my time as editor since 2016, we (my co-editor, Leah Goldrick and I) have produced two additional volumes.

All of the profits from volumes 3 and 4 of Stoicism Today Selected Essays goes to support the work of the Modern Stoicism organization.  This includes not just the Stoicism Today blog and the Modern Stoicism website it is hosted in, but also the annual online Stoicon conference and a number of other Stoicism-connected online events, and the online courses like Stoic Week and Stoic Mindfulness and Resilience Training (SMRT).

So by purchasing either version and either volume of Stoicism Today Selected Essays, you are not only getting a variety of excellent and thoughtful pieces to read and reflect upon, but also supporting the ongoing work of an organization devoted to helping people study and practice Stoicism worldwide!

Here’s where you can get all of these recently published Stoicism Today volumes

Stoicism Today: Selected Writings Volume 3 

Stoicism Today: Selected Writings Volume 4

What’s in volume 4, you might be wondering?  Here’s the table of contents

Part 1: Stoicism and Ultimate Importance
John Baptiste Roncarni “Is it Possible to Escape Time?”
John Vervaeke “The View from Above: A Transformation of Perspectival and Participatory Knowing”
Katharine O’Reilly and Chris Gill “Stoics and Epicureans on Facing Pain and Death Positively”

Part 2: Stoic Inspiration and Fortitude
Jonas Salzgeber “On Taking Responsibility: The Stoics in Exile”
John Sellars “Hard Truths and Happiness”
Alison McCone “The Inspiring Stoic”
Chuck Chakrapani “The Road to Stoic Joy: Laying Down the Four Burdens”
J. B. Bell Being Nobody: The Stoic “Loser”

Part 3: Stoicism for Difficult Real-Life Situations
Greg Sadler “Dealing With The Unduly Demanding In the Workplace”
Travis Hume “Applying Stoicism in Retail”
Dan Greller, The Stoic Professional
Matthew Sharpe “Stoicism and Bullying”

Part 4: Roles and Family Relationships
Pete Abilla “Stoicism, Parenthood, and Adoption”
Brittany Polat “Happy Families: A Stoic Guide to Relationships” 

Part 5: Controversies – Jordan Peterson and Stoicism
Justin Vacula “Jordan Peterson and Stoicism”
Massimo Pigliucci “Nope, Jordan Peterson Ain’t No Stoic”
Kai Whiting and Leonidas Konstantakos “A Response to ‘How Stoic is Jordan

Part 6: Controversies – Stoicism, Wrongdoing, and Evil
Massimo Pigliucci “Do People Commit Evil Out of Ignorance?”
Kevin Kennedy “The Banality of Philosophy: A Response to Massimo Pigliucci”
Massimo Pigliucci “There Is Nothing Banal about Philosophy”

Part 7: Mental Health, Emotions, and Therapy
Leah Goldrick “Is Stoic Practice Just Easier For Certain People?”
Jennifer Hullinger “The Post-Traumatic Stoic”
João Leite Ribeiro “Some Logical Reasoning about Schizophrenia.”
Tim Lebon “Stoic Therapy for Anger”

Part 8: Stoic Potpourri
Kevin Vost “The Musonius Rufus Diet”
Thomas Colligan “Did the Stoics Really Say That?”
Kevin Kennedy “Frederick the Great: A Stoic on the Throne?”
Mary Braun “Stoic vs. Buddhist Mindfulness”

Part 9: Symposium: Is Stoicism Something Equally Useful for Men and Women?” with Anitra Pavlico, Natasha Brown, Brittany Polat, Kathyrn Koromilas, Meredith A. Kunz, Debbie Joffe Ellis, Andi Sciacca

We hope you’ll consider purchasing a copy of Stoicism Today Selected Essays volume 4. It might be a nice gift for someone who could use a bit of Stoic wisdom as the holidays approach!

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