'Stoicism Today: Selected Writings Volume II' Available in Paperback and Kindle

‘Stoicism Today: Selected Writings Volume II’ is now available in both paperback and Kindle e-book


About the book: Stoicism, the classical philosophy as a way of life practised by the Greeks and Romans, continues to resonate in the modern world. With over forty essays and reflections, this book is simultaneously a guide to practising Stoicism in your own life and to all the different aspects of the modern Stoic revival. You will learn about Stoic practical wisdom, virtue, how to relate wisely to others and the nature of Stoic joy. You will read of life-stories by those who practise Stoicism today, coping with illness and other adversities, and of how Stoicism can be helpful in many areas of modern life, from cultivating calm in the online world to contributing new solutions to the environmental crisis. And, just like the ancient Stoics did, key questions modern Stoics often ask are debated such as: Do you need God to be a Stoic? Is the Stoic an ascetic? Containing both practical wisdom and philosophical reflection, this book – the second in the Stoicism Today series – is for anyone interested in practising the Stoic life in the modern world.

The book is available on Amazon US and Amazon UK in paperback and e-book form.
The cover design is by Rocio De Torres (http://www.rociodetorres.com) 

Table of Contents

Part I: Stoic Theory
What is Stoic Virtue? by Christopher Gill
Cicero on Living the Stoic Life by John Sellars
Responding to Providence by Corey Anton
Epictetus on Affection for Others by Greg Sadler
How to Relate Wisely to Other People by Christopher Gill
Stoicism and Emotions by John Sellars
‘How now, Horatio?’ The Stoic Joy of Nature and Friendship by Sherman J. Clark
Part II: Living the Stoic Life
Falling into Stoicism by Mark Leggett
Stoic Resilience in the Face of Illness by Carmelo Di Maria
On Epictetus and Post-Traumatic Stress by Leonidas Konstantakos
Autism and Stoicism by Chris Peden
How to Set Stoic Goals by Rob Thompson
The Stoic Formula for a Happy Meaningful Life by William Irvine
Stoicism for Passionate People by Lindsay Varnum
Incendiary by Zachary G. Augustine
Loser! by Erik Wiegardt
Reflections of a Practising Buddhist on Stoicism by Garry Bannister
Part III: Stoicism and Society
The Stoic Love of Community by Matt Van Natta
Stoicism and the Environment by Christopher Gill
Would A Stoic Save The Elephants? by Leonidas Konstantakos
The Internet and the Dinner Party: Cultivating Stoic Calm in the Online World by Tanya Brodd
How Does the Stoic Tweet? by Massimo Pigliucci
Stoicism in Business – Let’s Try Something Old! by Jacob Henricson
What Stoicism Taught Me About the Royal Marines by Mark Hardie
A Blueprint for a Philosophical CBT by Jules Evans
How to Become Virtuous – Lessons from Compassion Focussed Therapy (CFT) by Tim LeBon
Is Stoicism for the Seriously and Persistently Mentally Ill (SPMI), Too? A Reflection on the Clinical            Use of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations by Ian Guthrie
The Police Officer as Stoic by Peter Villiers
‘Barbarians at the Gates’: Stoic Responses to the Refugee Crisis by Kevin Kennedy
Meditation on Past Evils: A Neostoic Spiritual Exercise by John Sellars
Part IV: Debating Stoicism Today
The Stoic Worldview by John Sellars
The Argument For: In Praise of the Logos by Mark Vernon
The Argument Against: In Praise of Modern Stoicism by Tim LeBon
Providence or Atoms? Providence! A Defence of the Stoic Worldview by Christopher Fisher
Providence or Atoms? Atoms! A Defence of Being a Modern Stoic Atheist by Donald Robertson
Without the Divine, there is no Stoicism by Nigel Glassborow
Stoics Are Not Ascetics by Piotr Stankiewicz
Stoics Are Ascetics by Kevin Patrick
Discussing the Stoic Revival

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