Stoicon 2022 and the Season of Stoicism

In recent years, Fall has become the “Season of Stoicism.”  Of course, every part of the year is a good time to study and practice Stoicism!  And there are events throughout the year these days. But it has become a tradition that some of the biggest events take place in September, October, and November, so we have started using that expression.

This will be the 10th year for the annual STOICON conference, which started out as an in-person gathering, hosted originally in London (where it has taken place multiple times). In 2016, Stoicon made its way across the Atlantic to New York City, then shifted in 2017 to Toronto. In 2018, it came back to London, and then moved to Athens, the original home and hearth of Stoicism in 2019.  Because of the covid lockdowns and restrictions on travel, the conference went fully online in 2020, and the Modern Stoicism team decided it would be  a good idea to keep it in that format for years to come.

By contrast to previous in-person Stoicons, which were limited by participants’ ability to travel and by venue sizes, and which often involved considerable expenses, our online Stoicon conferences have allowed far more people to participate in the day’s events, and for conference-goers to contribute what they choose.  This year, Stoicon will be taking place on Saturday, October 29.

Along with Stoicon every year – and generally around the same time – we have also been hosting a 7-day online class called STOIC WEEK.  At this point tens of thousands of people have participated, either individually or together in groups in a week-long course that introduces newcomers to what it’s like to live as a Stoic, to see if it makes any positive differences in their life (most find it does), and compare their experiences with each other.  Many other people participate in it yearly as a kind of “tune-up” and as a way of continuing their involvement in the Stoic community worldwide.

There are also a number of STOICON-X events, planned and hosted by local Stoic organizations. You can think of these Stoicon-X events in relation to the main Stoicon by analogy to the big TED conferences and the many smaller, local TED-X events held all over the world.  This year, we have a fourth Stoicism-focused event to announce as well, which we have already started publicizing.  On Saturday, October 1, Modern Stoicism is also hosting the COURAGEOUS PATHS TO FLOURISHING conference, a Stoicon-X Women gathering (which is open to all, of course).

We’ll be providing many more details here in Stoicism Today about these events comprising the Season of Stoicism as we get closer.  We’ll have posts specifically about Stoic Week, and listing all the various Stoicon-X events coming up a bit later this Fall.

To find out more about, or to register for, the upcoming Courageous Paths To Flourishing conference, please click here.

If you or your organization are interested in hosting a Stoicon-X event, and getting it listed here, you will need to read this post and follow the instructions in the Stoicon-X section.

The STOICON 2022 Schedule

We have a great lineup of speakers again this year for the online Stoicon conference.  Here is the planned schedule (in Eastern Time) for the event on October 29.

10am–10.20am – Introduction: Welcome + Opening Remarks
with Greg Sadler, Chris Gill, Andi Sciacca, and Phil Yanov

10.20am 10.50 – Talk: Why Reformed Stoicism?
featuring Piotr Stankiewicz

10.50am-11am – BREAK

11am-11.50am – Panel A: Stoicism Around The World
with Henry Manampiring, Aldo Dinucci, Kellys Andreas Rodriguez, Sasha Rother, and Logan Vallandingham. Moderated by Greg Lopez.

11.50am–12pm – BREAK

12pm-12.30pm – Talk: Transformation: From Pre-Rational Instinct to Rational Carefeaturing Brittany Polat

12.30pm–12.40pm – BREAK

12:40pm-1.40pm – Plenary Talk: Care of Oneself, Others and Our World – Can Stoicism Help Us to Hold These Together?
featuring Christopher Gill

1.40pm–2pm – BREAK

2pm-3pm – Personal Storytelling Workshop: Becoming Heracles: Finding Your Superpowers, Understanding Your Role in Life, and Choosing Your Life Path
featuring Kathryn Koromilas

3pm–3.10pm – BREAK

3.10pm-3.50pm – Lightning Round Talks
Moderated by Harald Kavli

3.50pm–4pm – BREAK

4pm-4.30pm – Talk: “Theory, Practice, and Pepsis”
featuring Rob Colter

4.30pm–4.40pm – BREAK

4.40pm-5.30pm – Panel B: Recent Books on Stoicism
with Duff Lambros, Donald Robertson, Kevin Vost, Leah Goldrick, David Fideler, Nancy Sherman. Moderated by Harald Kavli.

5.30pm-6.30 – After-Party + Casual Conversation

Details of the program may be subject to change.  Please check out our Eventbrite page for STOICON 2022

Ticket payment to gain access to the livestream and participate in the workshops and breakout sessions is a donation amount of your choosing. There is no minimum donation required. All funds donated will support the continued work of Modern Stoicism, Ltd. This event is provided as a public good and all are welcome. If you cannot (or choose not to) make a donation, you may join us on the Modern Stoicism YouTube channel, where all of the talks will be live-streaming.

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  1. […] that we at Modern Stoicism are offering the Stoic Week course. It’s also the tenth year for the big annual STOICON conference.  If you’d like to register for Stoic Week, or you’d just like to find out more about […]

  2. […] that we at Modern Stoicism are offering the Stoic Week course. It’s also the tenth year for the big annual STOICON conference.  If you’d like to register for Stoic Week, or you’d just like to find out more about […]

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