The STOIC – September 2022

THE STOIC is a monthly online publication of The Stoic Gym. The Modern Stoicism organization is partnering with the Stoic Gym (and if you look at the teams for both, you’ll see some overlap in membership).

THE STOIC GYM is pleased to announce the publication of

THE STOIC magazine, September 2022 issue



Chuck Chakrapani A life that flows well

Brittany Polat Four keys to dealing with stress

Karen Duffy Our time is limited: Seize the day

Meredith Kunz Telling worry to hit the road

Sharon Lebell Where we put our attention is our life

Greg Sadler Dealing with regrets

Brandon Tumblin Offensive language and Stoicism

Santara Gonzales Using Stoicism to find our roles

Piotr Stankiewicz On following our idols

Book Review. Verissimus

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