The Perfect Beginners Guide to Applied Stoicism?

Stoic Week 2016 begins on 17th October but you should enrol in advance now to read the materials beforehand in preparation.

Stoic Week HandbookStoic Week is a free online course that will teach you how to apply the concepts and techniques of ancient Stoicism to your daily life. It’s designed for complete beginners, although many experienced students of Stoicism also take part each year. Stoic Week is now in its fifth year. Last year over 3,400 people from around the world took part. It consists of an online Handbook with readings, audio recordings of meditation exercises, and practices, that you follow for seven days. There are also multiple offline versions of the Handbook, for use on e-readers and other mobile devices.

The Stoic Week materials have been carefully developed by Stoicism Today, a multi-disciplinary team of academic philosophers, classicists, psychologists and cognitive therapists, including several well-known authors in the field. They’re revised each year in response to feedback from thousands of participants. Just visit our website below, create an account, and click the Enrol button on the front page to register in advance for the course. Online course materials become available on 10th October this year, so you can read them in advance. Stoic Week itself will officially begin on 17th October. Will you be taking part? Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions…

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