The STOIC – July 2023

THE STOIC is a monthly online publication of The Stoic Gym. The Modern Stoicism organization is partnering with the Stoic Gym (and if you look at the teams for both, you’ll see some overlap in membership).

THE STOIC GYM is pleased to announce the publication of

THE STOIC magazine, July 2023 issue
THEME: Stoicism in everyday life

Chuck Chakrapani When bodily pain bothers us
Tanner Campbell When our health is challenged
Andi Sciacca When things don’t go according to plan
Greg Sadler When bad things happen to other people
Brandon Tumblin When we are not present
Piotr Stankiewicz When our views are coloured by our past
John Kuna When we are stuck in traffic
Karen Duffy & Francis Gasparini Paradise is a library

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