The Stoic – October 2019

THE STOIC is a free monthly online publication of The Stoic Gym. The Modern Stoicism organization is partnering with the Stoic Gym (and if you look at the teams for both, you’ll see a good bit of overlap in membership).

If you’d like to check it out, or to subscribe, you can click here.

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The October issue of THE STOIC magazine is a special Stoicon issue and has an informative pictorial on the origin and development of modern Stoicism.


  • THE STOIC ATLAS. Exeter to Athens: Great moments in modern Stoicism: A pictorial
  • SHARON LEBELL. Everyday effort: Walking the walk
  • JONAS SALZGEBER. Everyday equanimity: Playing the game
  • LIZ GLOYN. Living with mortality
  • DONALD ROBERTSON. Everyday living: Going beyond a child’s curiosity
  • MEREDITH KUNZ. Everyday decisions: Seeking the truth
  • KAI WHITING. Everyday lessons: American football fans and the dichotomy of control
  • ELIZABETH AZIDE. Everyday acceptance: Key to thriving
  • FLORA BERNARD. Everyday changes: Nothing happens right away
  • CHUCK CHAKRAPANI. Why outcomes are always dichotomous

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