Enroll Now for Stoic Week 2018

Stoic Week is a free online course run once per year by Modern Stoicism, which will introduce you to a new aspect of Stoic theory and practice each day.

You can enroll now for Stoic Week 2018, which will officially begin on Monday 1st October this year.

Everyone is welcome to take part and it’s completely free of charge.  Last year seven thousand people enrolled so don’t miss out!

Stoic Week is  a seven day introduction to Stoic theory and practice, applied to modern living.  It’s been designed by Modern Stoicism, a multi-disciplinary team of academic philosophers, classicists, psychologists, and cognitive therapists, including some well-known authors in the field.

Enroll now and you’ll have access to the preliminary materials in preparation for the official start of the course on Monday 1st October, which will be accompanied by a live webinar at 9pm BST.  (You’ll be able to watch a recording if you can’t make it along.)  If you want to attend please follow the link below to set a reminder on YouTube, where you can also subscribe to our channel.

Set Reminder for Stoic Week Webinar

Stoic Week is now in its seventh year.  See our main website for more information on the history of Stoic Week.

7 thoughts on “Enroll Now for Stoic Week 2018”

  1. I took the course last year but need another run at it to properly absorb, but the programme won’t allow me to sign up because my email is “already in use”. Are we only allowed to take the course once, then?

    I can sign up with another address if you insist but I don’t understand the logic. It seems a bit like only being allowed to read Aurelius once.

    1. It sounds like you’re trying to create a new account rather than log into the site. The system won’t allow you to do that using the email for your existing account because it would create a duplicate. You need to log into your existing account. If you’ve forgotten the password use the password reset option in the main menu.

    2. It also happened to me, when it gives you this popup (email already in use), you have to click at the bottom of the white box on the left side: “login with….”, then you can use your usual login to access the course.

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