Stoic Week Coming Next Month!

At the very start of October – literally one month from now – Stoic Week 2018 begins!  This marks the seventh year for holding an International Stoic Week, and we expect it to draw at least as many participants worldwide as previous years – or perhaps even more (the numbers have grown every year to date).  Whether you’re someone already involved in the modern Stoic community, or just someone interested in Stoicism, Stoic Week affords possibilities to share and further your interest in how this ancient philosophy can be applied within our contemporary lives.
International Stoic Week runs this year from Monday, October 1 to Sunday, October 7.  Each day of the week, participants in the Stoic Week online class get to “live like a Stoic”, engaging in exercises, guided meditations, discussions, and more – all developed and offered for free by the Modern Stoicism team.  The class is not enrolling quite yet, but you can go to the site where it will be offered, watch the promo video, set up a reminder for the free introductory webinar, and get a first look at the curriculum.
Stoic Week will be preceded by our annual Stoicon conference on Saturday, September 29, hosted this year in London and organized by Professor John Sellars, ably assisted by Amy Valladres, and a number of volunteers.  Tickets for Stoicon have already sold out, but if you were eagerly hoping to get in on the talks and workshops, don’t despair!  You can get on a waitlist if any tickets do become available. We will also be recording as many of those sessions as feasible – and as the editor of Stoicism Today, I’ll be dogging all of the speakers to provide us with transcripts or summaries that we will then publish here as blog posts.
During Stoic Week itself – and often before and after it as well – there are usually a host of events all around the world organized and hosted by local Stoic groups, academic institutions, and other organizations.  Some of these are veritable Stoicon-X events (our equivalent of TED-X events).  Others might involve a talk by a featured speaker, a panel discussion, a workshop, or some other individual event.  Many of these organizations, institutions, and groups work through the Stoic Week course together.
If you want to participate locally in Stoic Week, and don’t see an event or organization in our listings below, don’t worry!  This is just the first listing, working off of the people who have already contacted me about their event our meetings.  As organizers get into gear and email me about their Stoicon-X event, Stoic Week event, or Stoic Week class meetups, I’ll be putting together a much longer list that we’ll publish on the Saturday of Stoicon, right before Stoic Week starts!
There’s always the option of organizing your own meetup or event as well – and if you do, make sure to write me about it, so that we can publicize it here in Stoicism Today along with all the rest!  If you’ve already got an event in the works, or if your group, institution, or organization plans to work through the Stoic Week class together, email me with all the details you’ve got so far!

Upcoming Stoicon-X Events Worldwide

Thursday and Friday, October 4 & 5- Bonn, Germany – Stoic Camp Bonn.  Hosted by Dr. Markus Rüther and Ralph Kurz at the University of Bonn.  Come for a set of talks, workshops, and discussions.  Email Dr. Markus Rüther or Ralph Kurz for more information.
There will likely be additional Stoicon-X events in other locations.  We’ll add them to the list as soon as we have full information about them.

Upcoming Stoic Week Events WorldWide

Saturday September 29, 1:30-3:00 PM – Seattle, USA – the Seattle Analytic Philosophy Club has invited Thomas Opryszek to give a talk on Stoicism in Action and Stoic Week 2018.  Location is the  Seattle Public Library, Northgate Branch.

Monday, October 1, 7 PM – Orlando, USA – The Orlando Stoics will be hosting an “Open House Monday” at the Panera Bread Cafe, 296 E. Michigan Street, Orlando FL  32806.  For more information, see their meetup site.

Saturday, October 6, 9PM – Orlando, USA – the Orlando Stoics will be hosting a “Stoics Night Out” at the Universal City Walk, 6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819. For more information, see their meetup site.

If you’re planning an event, email me with the details, and we’ll add it to our list and to the next post.

Groups, Institutions, and Organizations Participating In Stoic Week

Stoic Week Discussion Group: London, UK – organized by Bryce Peterson, meeting daily 1-6 October in Bloombury.   A survey is available to determine what times people would like to meet.  Time and location TBD at this point.

The Colorado Springs Stoa, USA – organized by David Emery, meeting several times over the course of Stoic Week at Peak Place, Colorado Springs.  More information available here.

There will doubtless be many more participating groups, institutions, and organizations in the next post.  If yours is doing so, email me, and we’ll add you to the list.

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