Final Countdown to Stoicon 2023!

We are now only days from Stoicon 2023, Beautiful Stoics! Get your tickets via Eventbrite here.

Beautiful Stoics invites us to challenge conventional notions of beauty and virtue. This conference promises to be a journey of discovery, where you will be invited to explore the connections between ethics and aesthetics through the lenses of Chrysippus, Cato, Cicero, Marcus Aurelius and the Stoic tradition.

Whether you’re new to Stoicism or a seasoned enthusiast, Stoicon 2023 offers a unique opportunity to expand your understanding of the Stoic teachings, challenge your perspectives, and enhance your Stoic practice.

Don’t miss this chance to be part of a thought-provoking exploration of beauty, virtue, and the art of living.
Join us for an unforgettable experience at Stoicon 2023: Beautiful Stoics.



Online event, all welcome

Saturday 21 October

Starts: 10:00 EDT / 15:00 BST

Zoom doors open: 09:45 EDT / 14:45 BST

Ends: 17:00 EDT / 22:00 BST

with ⚡Lightning Talks & Social on Friday 20 October at 12:00 EDT / 17:00 BST (Your Stoicon ticket includes an invitation to the Friday event)

This year, Stoicon 2023: Beautiful Stoics will once again bring together academics, authors, independent Stoic scholars and practitioners and hundreds of community members to examine Stoic views on Beauty and to explore what Beauty can teach us about how to live.

Conference Highlights

🧠 Rationality and Beauty

Award-winning professor of psychology, cognitive science, and Buddhist psychology at the University of Toronto, Professor John Vervaeke joins us as our Keynote Speaker to argue for the primacy of beauty.

🕺🏻Dancing with the Stoics

Distinguished professor and author of Stoic Wisdom, Nancy Sherman, will share insights on how dance can foster fellowship among Stoics.

🤔 Reasoning About Beauty

Professor Jennifer Baker will offer some precepts to help.

🏛️ Harmony and Beauty

Dr David Fideler, author of Breakfast with Seneca, will explore how beauty can be applied to create a more harmonious and enriching environment and society.

🤩 Stoic Theory of Beauty

Dr Aistė Čelkytė, author of The Stoic Theory of Beauty, will introduce us to Chrysippus who wrote comprehensively about beauty, and introduce us to the key terms.

⭐️ The Modern Stoicism Team 

Hear the Modern Stoicism Team delve further into the fascinating realm of beauty as seen through the lens of Stoic philosophy: 

  • John Sellars will look at paintings that touch upon Stoic themes; 
  • Massimo Pigliucci will explore summetria, a distinct account of beauty; 
  • Gregory Sadler will examine things of beauty; and 
  • Brittany Polat will propose some practical techniques for cultivating moral beauty in our lives today. 

🎤 Poetic Recitation & Commentary

Enjoy a beautiful recitation of Cleanthes’ ‘Hymn to Zeus’: Actor Cecily Thomas will recite the Hymn, which is one of the earliest complete Stoic texts, to open the conference. Following the recitation, Professor Johan Thom will focus on the features contributing to the aesthetic qualities of the Hymn and will briefly consider the Hymn’s basic meaning and purpose.

  • ⚡️ Lightning Talks & Social on Friday 20 OctoberThis year our Lightning Talks will take place the day before Stoicon on Friday 20 October at 12:00 EDT / 17:00 BST. Hosted by Harald Kavli and Kathryn Koromilas, they will be LIVE talks with Q&A and optional social breakout rooms. Your Stoicon ticket includes an initiation to the Friday event.

And here is a link to the full program.

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