One day out from Stoicon 2023 – and Lightning Talks today!

It’s one day out from Stoicon 2023 and we’re all very excited at the Modern Stoicism team!

You can see the stellar Stoicon program here, but we wanted to showcase our keynote speaker, Professor John Vervaeke. He will give the keynote address entitled ‘Why Rationality Needs Beauty.’ Don’t miss it!

John Vervaeke – award-winning Professor at the University of Toronto – is pioneering the scientific study of wisdom and transformation. His discoveries blend ancient and modern ways of knowing – bringing together philosophy, neuroscience, psychology, anthropology, information processing, linguistics, and studies of religion. At Stoicon 2023 he will explain how beauty is implicit throughout Stoicism. By understanding this, we can reconsider the nature of beauty, which will help us foster a deeper appreciation of the Stoic sense of joy. We will also see how virtue is the beauty of wisdom. 

Join us at Stoicon 2023 for a beautiful conference. Zoom doors open at 9:45 am EDT / 2:45 pm BST.

Join us also today on Friday 20 October (12 noon EDT / 5 pm BST) for our Lightning Talks event, where five community members get five, fast minutes to talk about a Stoic theme of personal relevance. We’ll also invite you to meet and chat with other Stoics. There will also be a prize draw! We’ll choose some winners at the end of the event to win Kindle copy of The Stoic Theory of Beauty by Aistė Čelkytė who is speaking at Stoicon on Saturday

See you there!

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