New Video: 'Stoicism Today: so far and in the future'

A discussion between Christopher Gill, Professor of Ancient Thought at the University of Exeter, and Patrick Ussher, PhD Student at the University of Exeter. Topics covered include: what we can learn from the last Stoic Week, what we hope to do for the next Stoic Week, and what the project should aim for long-term.

Please comment on the discussion and add your ideas for what Stoicism Today could do in the future!

5 thoughts on “New Video: 'Stoicism Today: so far and in the future'”

  1. This is fascinating and provokes many intriguing connections. Many of the practices you refer to – reflective diaries, evening recollection of the day, mindfulness – are now central in leadership development programmes around the world.

    Another common practice is that of personal ‘coaching’ in leadership roles. This is often compared (and contrasted) with therapy, but I wonder if there is an analogy to stoic practices that might be more helpful?

    1. An interesting connection indeed. There is also an increasing awareness of the need for ethical business ventures. Looking back to the ancients could help with that too.

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