New Video: 'Stoicism Today: so far and in the future'

A discussion between Christopher Gill, Professor of Ancient Thought at the University of Exeter, and Patrick Ussher, PhD Student at the University of Exeter. Topics covered include: what we can learn from the last Stoic Week, what we hope to do for the next Stoic Week, and what the project should aim for long-term.

Please comment on the discussion and add your ideas for what Stoicism Today could do in the future!

5 thoughts on New Video: 'Stoicism Today: so far and in the future'

  1. jgosling says:

    This is fascinating and provokes many intriguing connections. Many of the practices you refer to – reflective diaries, evening recollection of the day, mindfulness – are now central in leadership development programmes around the world.
    Another common practice is that of personal ‘coaching’ in leadership roles. This is often compared (and contrasted) with therapy, but I wonder if there is an analogy to stoic practices that might be more helpful?

    • Patrick Ussher says:

      An interesting connection indeed. There is also an increasing awareness of the need for ethical business ventures. Looking back to the ancients could help with that too.

  2. Julie Parker says:

    Thank you for your clear exposition of what looks a practical and worthwhile project. Have put a link on our facebook page, and could mention the initiative at one of our Autumn Silence and Well-Being days, if you wish.

  3. Really interesting and enjoyable video, I’m so glad I received such a fantastic introduction to the Stoic world in my very first term at Exeter!

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