On the Psyche: An International Conference to celebrate the work of Professor Christopher Gill

On the psyche: studies in literature, psychology and health is an international conference to celebrate the work of Professor Christopher Gill, from the Department of Classics and Ancient History, at the University of Exeter, and builds on his studies of the psyche and the self in the ancient world.

In three impressive volumes he has integrated literary approaches with ancient psychology and medicine, from Homer and Plato to the Stoics and Galen. He has additionally addressed the question whether some of these approaches may contribute to improving our own lives and wellbeing.
The conference presents papers on the development of the psyche from Homer to tragedy and Plato, on the underworld, on medical and philosophical debates on psychology ; on modern medical understanding of ancient wellbeing; on happiness, hope and truth, and freedom, and on Neoplatonic approaches to the self and the human relationship with the divine.

Professor Gill will be retiring at the end of 2013, but will keep very much alive his interests and work in ancient philosophy, and its implications for the modern day.

For more information, and to book, click here.

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