Save The Date – STOICON 2017 In Toronto!

This October, the annual STOICON conference is moving to another metropolis – Toronto, Canada!  You’ll want to mark the date on your calendar – Saturday, 14th October 2017.  We’ll be publishing more details, including the full schedule for the conference, later on this week.

The main theme this year will be “Stoicism at Work.”  The conference opens with a brief introduction to Stoic philosophy followed by a series of talks by leading authors in the field of modern Stoicism.  In the afternoon, you will be able to choose between attending different parallel sessions, including an introductory workshop for newcomers to applied Stoicism.  The day concludes with the keynote presentation on Stoicism and Emotion by one of the leading experts in this area, Margaret Graver, Professor of Classical Studies at Dartmouth College.

Stoicon is an annual international conference on applying Stoic philosophy to modern life, organized by Modern Stoicism, and 2017 marks its fourth year.  Our annual Stoic Week online course will also begin the following Monday, running from 16th – 22nd October.  If you’re interested in Stoic philosophy, whatever your background or occupation, this conference is meant for you.  Our aim is to make Stoic philosophy accessible to everyone by highlighting its practical relevance to the everyday challenges people face in different aspects of modern life.

The speakers for this year’s Stoicon include: Margaret Graver, Donald Robertson, Massimo Pigliucci, Col. Thomas Jarrett, Ronald Pies, Walter Matweychuk, Jules Evans, Christopher Gill, Tim LeBon, Ryan Holiday, Stephen Hanselman, Chuck Chakrapani, and Greg Sadler.

For more information see the Stoicon 2017 page.

Author: Gregory Sadler

Editor of Stoicism Today, president of ReasonIO, adjunct professor at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design | Sadler's Lectures podcast - | YouTube channel with 1700+ philosophy videos -

3 thoughts on “Save The Date – STOICON 2017 In Toronto!”

  1. Awesome! Very excited to hear Graver speak–she’s a Stoic rock star as far as I’m concerned. Nice spread of workshops, too. I’ll be jumping on tickets as soon as they are available.

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