Stoic Event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Attention Wisconsin Stoics!

Title:  Four Components of a Happy Life – A Stoic Week 2015 Event

Location:  Hudson Business Lounge, 310 N Broadway, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

Date/Time:  Thursday, November 5, 7:00-8:30 PM

Event Description:  As a part of the international celebration of Stoic Week 2015, Greg Sadler will be providing a free public lecture on Stoic ideas and techniques focused on living a happier life. The lecture portion will be followed by some Q&A and discussion. In the talk, he will introduce Stoicism as an influential ancient school of Philosophy that continues on today, practised worldwide as modern reinterpretations of classic Stoicism. After briefly discussing some of the key figures associated with the Stoic perspective, Greg will focus on four key components of Stoic practical philosophy – readily applicable today – that they viewed as central to living a happier life. The event will be Greg’s first in his new shared workspace at the Hudson Business Lounge in Milwaukee. Space will be limited to the first 50 participants. Handouts providing additional information about the materials discussed will be provided to participants as well.

The event will be video-recorded.  The video will be one of the seven that Greg will be producing and releasing during Stoic Week (the others are going to focus largely on Cicero’s discussions of Stoic philosophy this year).  There will also be an online follow-up session for YouTube/G+/FB followers on the afternoon of the 8th, using a G+ Hangout.

Be there if you can make it, and if not share on social media to those in the area who might be interested.

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