Stoic Week Posters

With less than one week to go until Stoic Week starts, make sure you register on modern well in advance, joining over 2,000 participants who have already signed up.

And have a look at these superb Stoic Week posters, courtesy of Alejandro ed Valcarcel, which you can share on Facebook and Twitter.






5 thoughts on Stoic Week Posters

  1. John Beddard says:

    Beautiful renditions of Marcus Aurelius with choice of words. His Wisdom and that of the Stoic Tradition will be long remembered and acted upon.

  2. Stoicism . I am a great admirer or i could say i am a follower of the wisdom of stoics. They are great and life changing.

  3. Manuela VB says:

    In fact, superb Stoic Week posters!
    Congratulations Alejandro ed Valcarcel and thank you for sharing them!

  4. Hubert Eerdekens says:

    Great! Beautiful posters! Thanks to every one!

  5. Louise Hill says:

    lovely posters with great words of wisdom

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