Stoic Week is Coming Up: October 24-30!

It’s time for Stoic Week again – starting on Monday October 24, and running to Sunday, October 30!  The topic this year is “Stoicism and Well-Being”.  To enroll in the free course, click here.

Modern Stoicism provides a coherent framework based on ancient Greek and Roman philosophy that can help with resilience and wellbeing. For an investment of as little as 15-20 minutes per day, you could change your life!

For those who haven’t taken part before, Stoic Week is a free opportunity to live like a Stoic for a week. When you sign up, we provide you with access to a host of resources, which include:

  • a downloadable workbook
  • recorded daily meditations
  • an online discussion forum.

Each day has a different theme, where you learn about and practice some Stoic ideas. Last year, the over-arching theme was wellbeing, and it was so successful that we have decided to repeat it.

Here’s a short video with members of the Modern Stoicism Team – Brittany Polat, John Sellars, Andi Sciacca, and Tim LeBon – inviting you to Stoic Week and to the free online course!

For Stoic Week we introduced a number of initiatives last year, including making the text more accessible, providing recordings for the workbook, printable flashcards to remind you what the idea is for each day, and translations in German and Spanish.

When we’ve asked people how they would like to follow up Stoic Week, the most common response is “to do it all over again!”  So if you did Stoic Week last year, now is your chance to embed some more good Stoic habits. If you have not tried it yet, why not give it a try?

The topics for each day this year are

  • Monday: Control – how to use the dichotomy of control
  • Tuesday: Emotions – managing emotions well
  • Wednesday: Character and Virtues – cultivating the cardinal virtues of wisdom, justice, self-control and courage
  • Thursday: Caring for Ourselves and Others – with the help of Hierocles, a lesser-known Roman Stoic
  • Friday: Seeing the Big Picture – taking the “View from Above” and transcending our own existence
  • Saturday: Stoic it Up! – going to the next level in embracing the Stoic value system
  • Sunday: Creating Your Stoic Toolkit – developing good Stoic habits beyond Stoic Week

Each day is enhanced by guest videos from well-known Stoics such as Chuck Chakrapani, Donald Robertson, John Sellars, Kathryn Koromilas, Brittany Polat, Chris Gill, Andi Sciacca, and Greg Sadler

We cannot 100% guarantee that doing Stoic Week will help you, but most people have told us that it is well worth the effort.  And the data we have been gathering, interpreting, and reporting on each year shows that the vast majority of people who participate in Stoic Week see consistent improvement in multiple areas of their lives!

These are some of the other things people have said about doing Stoic Week:

I am calmer, I accept many disagreeable things with good spirits. Not so easily hurt”
“Having a clear list of daily exercises has been very useful, and this week has started to make these a daily habit”
“Putting personal difficulties with Health and treatment into perspective, managing pain and other people’s sadness”
“It has made me think, question and discuss, until now, half-formed ideas”
“The guidance of Stoicism makes me happy”
Most people do Stoic Week on their own. However, it’s also great to do Stoic Week with friends, your partner or even your organisation.
For example, Andy Small, who runs Stoic Week for prisoners in the UK, has run Stoic Week in prisons. I have run it for my colleagues in the NHS.

To find out more, you can click here.  You can also go straight to the class site and enroll in the course by clicking here.


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